Legalization & Engineer Certification

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The Topographical Chart has an ambiguous and dynamic character and is necessary in a wide range of applications including:

Deeds (transfers, buying and selling, etc.)
Issuance of building permits
National Land Surveying and Mapping Center (National Cadastre Corrective action implementing the National Land Delineation),
Separation and fragmentation of land parcels
Characterization of Forestry
Develop street layout and building lines.

To write a proper topographic mapping requires the following: Field measurements with precision equipment research report on the integrity of the property and the implementation of the Declaration of N.651/77.

Processing of measurements based of the report. In topographic chart, which may have different mapping scales, depending on the study area, end-use and technical specifications, accurately reflected the following:

Geometric characteristics, such as shape and size of the property.
The objects may be located within the area.
The coordinates property or system-independent arbitrarily defined either in addict Greek Geodetic Reference System – EGSA 87