For better understanding and protecting our customers

from various side effects with the law because of your arbitrary work we present all the work within a small-scale license under law N.4067 / 2012 Government Gazette 79 A 04/09/2012, must before running by written information to be registered with the competent Office Building (formerly Urban), who informs the relevant police station:

1. Small-scale internal repairs or adaptations that do not alter the support structure of the building or the sides.

2. Internal and external colors without using scaffolds (without scaffolding).

3. Replacement of railings without using scaffolding.

4. Replace internal or external frames in the same opening.

5. Change or repair floors.

6. Maintenance, repair roofs without using scaffolding.

7. Maintenance, repair or adaptation of premises and building pipelines.

8. Simple surrounding wall of stone up to one meter high (1,00m), golf area off plan.

9. Enclosure lightweight material without using cement rings, pitch in off-plan area.

10. Limit by piles of plot or field peaks.

11. Construction of pergola on the ground floor outdoor residential areas or in the surrounding open space.

12. Construction rings, ovens and fireplaces indoors.

13. Placing head uncovered water tank or pool maximum area 50m2. according to Fri 3thtou Article 4 of Law. 4067/2012 (submitted jointly on responsible engineer statement).

14. Small configurations soil stone until +/- 0,5m from the ground.

15. Installation of air conditioning and wall-mounted gas boiler for heating and domestic hot water in existing buildings in accordance with paragraph 10 of Art. 16

16. Installing solar water heaters with par. 2vkai c of art. 19

17. Installing green roofs and planted surfaces.

18. Installing external thermal insulation (external existing building facades without altering the faces)

19. Installation of passive solar systems (external existing building facades without altering the faces)

Attention !!!

Generally all these works included small-scale licenses do not affect the characteristics of the building except the # 18.

When eg possible replacement frame must be made in the existing opening without opening it to change dimensions. Otherwise falls to normal planning permission.

The # 6 is not allowed to change or replace the wooden frame of the roof, only this repair, replacement falls into a building permit.

All authorizations must be notified to the local police station and the owners begin to work where they are satisfied that the police are informed.

For the protection of all potential buyers should contact us to make Control buildability and legitimacy before each transaction.

Example: house you want to buy at Plomari in A city plan, the plot must be greater than 40m2 (> 40m2) with a person at least 4m in city road and the last cutting of the land have become 02-07 before -1968, in order to get a building permit if necessary. If any of these conditions are not fulfilled then only small-scale licenses can be issued. Possible future collapse of the house or part of it, will put you in big trouble because it can not be repaired or re-manufacturer of another house.

To avoid wrong decisions fortunes come to our office where you can take our technical advice.