Legalization & Engineer Certification

With our help you can give solution to arbitrary assumptions about partially or entirely your property such as:

Exemptions from demolition
Appeals for fines charged
Regularisations -Taktopoiiseis (for 30 years under the laws N.4014 / 11 – N.4178 / 2013)

Setting arbitrary, Circular and Gov. Site:

Responsible undertake:

Autopsy and mapping of the space setting.
Create a complete file plans of the property.
Collection of documents and plans of urbanism.
Submit electronically all the details required for the A and B phase in reporting integration Declaration N.4014 / 11.
Create a file folder for the client, with all supporting documents.
Drafting contract obligations between landlord and engineering


Since the entry into force of N.4014 / 11 for arbitrary setup on 09/21/2011, every instrument of delegation or recommendation right in rem must be complemented by engineering certificate attesting that the property have not been executed or not arbitrary constructions installed arbitrary uses.

Responsible undertake:

Collection approved projects from the planning. Autopsy and control of the property. Version certificate directly and cheaply.